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Mobile document shredding is a viable, economic option that allows companies to maintain the highest level of security in the document destruction phase. On-site shredding eliminates the risk of retrieving sensitive information from office receptacles, dumpsters and landfills; it also eliminates the potential of a security breach during off-site shredding/recycling, when paper is “graded,” allowing even more handling of sensitive documents.

Outsourcing the shredding of confidential documents saves time, manpower, electricity, capital equipment expenditures, maintenance, supplies, and floor space. Mobile document destruction eliminates the noise, dust, cost and inconvenience of in-house shredders. Because most employees intensely dislike shredding, they postpone the task, thereby jeopardizing in-house security procedures for document destruction.

All Seacoast Security Shredding containers have security locks and our informed personnel are bonded, insured, and undergo extensive background checks. On-site shredding allows the customer to visually audit the process ensuring that the documents are destroyed before leaving the premises.
Our price is based on shredding the contents of full containers. There is no charge for the use of the container(s), for travel time, nor are there per minute charges when we shred.
All shredded material is recycled by a bonded and insured recycler, not dumped in a landfill.
Yes! we shred magnetic media (tapes & disks), plastic credit & I.D. cards, x-rays, and microfiche.

We provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your confidential documents and materials are destroyed completely – right at your doorstep.

From our free locked security consoles, to our bonded customer service representatives to our mobile shredding trucks, your document security is guaranteed.

Within four days of shredding and recycling your documents, your previously precious information is recycled household paper on a supermarket shelf.

We arrive on a pre-determined schedule that you select to remove the contents of the consoles and transport them to truck, where they are immediately destroyed.

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